Universal clothes? I often hear that there are: a classic trench coat, cotton jacket, dark blue, black, or gray suit, white shirt, or a t-shirt, long sleeve sweater with stripes of two classic colors.

Versatile shoes? Suede ankle, a whole list of brogues … and it is not short, consciously or not, rather, you know. It is not always the possibility of color and style to you. Look for your individual style. How to do it?web-hosting
Yes, there is a good binding style for the modern man? “Unfortunately” no. However, this is the advice. Gust doing them all their lives and how everything important in life should be to its formation process. The most important for you to surround himself, or at least inspired objects, clothes, good design.

Good branded products worth watching in high-end magazines such as “Harpers Bazaar”, which has just made ??its debut in Poland, in the movies, the theater, in the street, or on good web pages, eg on GQ.com, which is a men’s Bible fashion. After some time, your good taste will become instinctive, and he’ll still be changing. Such an evolution right now …

Good style is as true to himself that back, but it can wait as long as half a century.

“Fashion comes in one year and out the next,” – says the singer Denise Klahn.

In the autumn of life may once again open an old suits and trench coats, but in the meantime survive the journey through the styles. If it will steer well, it will be fascinating.

Choose clothes, depending on the type of beauty and character. You can bet on anything from avant-garde or classical. Of course, this classic is aging more slowly. We are delighted to be 50-year-old clothes, but really only a few of them today, we set up on each other.